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Bovine Academy is an independent agricultural academy that provides SAQA accredited training, customised courses and e-Learning programmes to meet the needs of students, emerging farmers, farm-workers and established farming enterprises. We work closely with the agricultural business sector to expose students to the latest in technology and products.
Our vision is economic prosperity and food security for all. Our training programmes are a step in that direction.

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Bovine Academy works closely with the agricultural business sector across Africa to expose students to the latest technology and products in agriculture.


We partner with farmers to create profitable and sustainable farming businesses.

Sponsors and Foundations

We provide a mutually beneficial platform through Agri-pedia for businesses and organisations to support students from national poverty nodes, rural and disadvantaged communities across Africa.

Study for a National Diploma in Agriculture through our unique blended learning programmes.

Fully accredited higher education courses offered by experts in the South African Agricultural Sector.

Gain critical skills in farming. Students can attend individual learning modules or a series of modules that, upon successful completion, lead to a qualification in Agriculture. Ideal for individuals seeking to enter the agricultural sector or farm workers upgrading their skills.