Working in partnership to create a prosperous and vibrant agricultural economy.

We have created collaborative systems that will allow businesses, farmers, end-users and other educational institutions to work with us in a mutually beneficial environment that serves the greater good.


Why not work with tomorrow's leaders in Agriculture today? Gain access to potential by partnering with us.


Explore our collaboration options in research, content development, case studies, programme delivery and resource exchanges.


Promote agriculture on the African continent by supporting one of our groundbreaking programmes.


Our network of experts across various agricultural disciplines can help your business and staff grow.


Out-of-the-box, Innovative, relevant and independent!

We believe in the power of mutually beneficial partnerships and have created a management system that allows individuals or organisations to work with us on projects.

There are no lengthy tedious processes at i3A. as we believe it stifles creativity and innovation. Our approach is based on uncomplicated and efficient service delivery.

No red tape. We are a small privately owned educational institution.

We thrive on diversity and the uniqueness of each project. We are open to new ideas.

Transparency and accountability are essential to us. We are honest in our dealings with you, including our abilities.

We have an extensive network of associates in Southern Africa, West Africa and East Africa.

Strong partnerships with some of the major universities in South Africa.

Personal, yet professional approach.

Our associated academics are highly respected in their fields and most of them participate actively in agrarian activities.

Operate throughout South Africa, with offices in Bloemfontein and Cape Town.