National Diploma: Animal Production

Qualification No: 49011  |  NQF 5  |  240 Credits


The National Diploma in Animal Production will equip students with focused knowledge and skills in primary agricultural animal production.  During the course, students can specialise in small stock management (sheep or goat) or large stock management (cattle). Additional course content, designed by key industry roleplayers, is included to ensure students are exposed to the latest in industry developments.

Upon successful completion of the National Diploma: Animal Production, students can enrol for a Bachelor Agriculture degree in the same field.


National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)


Two years

Training Methodology

Online/Blended Training

The blended training model allows students to complete theoretical modules online and practical sessions on a local farm – reducing time spent away from work.

Students can also attend relevant additional i3A courses at one of our associated academies. These course credits will contribute towards their qualification.

Possible Career Opportunities
  • Farmer
  • Junior Farm Manager
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Product Representative



Registration R 2,000
After registration: 50% deposit R 14,000
At the start of the second term: (outstanding balance) R 14,000
TOTAL FEE R 30,000

The Cost includes:
  • VAT
  • Access to i3A Online Campus
  • Practical Training support
  • All Assessments
The cost excludes:
  • Accommodation/meals during practical sessions
  • Transport to the training venue

Payment Options

We understand the financial constraints most people face and have created two payment options to assist individuals in achieving their study goals.

Option 2: Monthly Plan

R2,000 registration fee

R2,333.35 x 12 months (T&C apply)

Option 2: Monthly Plan

R2,000 registration fee

R2,333.35 x 12 months (T&C apply)

First Year

  • Communication in the workplace
  • Biometry
  • Agricultural Management I
  • Animal Biology
  • Chemistry and Physics

Second Year

  • Agricultural Management II
  • Animal Production (Ruminants)
  • Animal Production (Mono-Gastric Animals)
  • Grazing and Pastures Science